Gia Love

Gia Love is thriving as a model and activist. She is most known for her work in the Kiki Ballroom Scene as told in the KIKI movie, a documentary profiling youth in Ballroom scene. She is the Iconic Queen Mother of the Iconic house of Juicy Couture.

Julius Caesar

Queens native turned NYC socialite, Julius Caesar has been curating and hosting events for over a decade. Everything from boat parties to music festivals. Julius has always had a knack for creating social settings and opportunities for young professionals to mix, mingle and network. From bartending at a whole in a wall bar in Queens to running some of the hottest clubs in Manhattan. This is still just the beginning for his career and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Cyannie Lopez

Cyannie Lopez is a host and pageant Queen who has been in the business for over 15 years, winning 39 pageants and placing top 8 at Miss Gay USofA. She is a host of her show in New Hope, PA at Havana called Lipstick Mondays which has been great and going for 7 years now. Cyannie is a trans women born in Puerto Rico, but now living in New Jersey near Philadelphia. She is the overall mother of the Haus of Lopez. She loves entertaining and meeting new people. Her goal in life is to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of it with the ones she loves!


Byrell The Great

In a Crystal Labeija birthed scene, Byrell The Great has made a name for himself as one of the top ballroom Dj’s with works like the Vogue Workout series, his Chopped Cheese mixtape, and his ballroom club banger Bubble Drip. His ovah beat production has led him to have his music placed in multiple fashion ads, movies, and tv shows amongst other things.


House of Xtravaganza

Founded in 1982, the House of Xtravaganza is a chosen family and one of the most publicly recognized “house” that emerged from the New York City underground ballroom scene. Today, they span generations of visual artists, dancers, activists, fashionistas, performers, and beyond.


Antaeuz aka Anthony Rodriguez has been a resident performer since a young age at Queens Pride. He has shared as a performer for over eighteen years and as stage manager for ten years. He is honored to be back with The New Queens Pride with his dance company La Santa Luz to share in a community concert headlining experience featuring major Ballroom houses and the Kiki Community.

The Masterz at Work Dance Family

The Masterz at Work Dance Family is a group of talent individuals that come from all different dance backgrounds curated by Black Trans Fem Woman  Courtney Washington. They all have different dance backgrounds some may consist of Jazz, Hip-hop, Street Jazz, house, African, Voguing and contemporary. They collectively come together and always give you a masterpiece and show you how The Mazterz Work.

Haus of Us

Haus of Us’ initiative is to empower the youth. Coordinating events to provide a safe space for all ages, where young people can express themselves. Utilizing the newest talent of ballroom to create a platform for the youth of ballroom to strive and succeed.

The Iconic International House of Miyake Mugler

Growing from a small collective of LGBT and LGBT allies looking to change the social misconceptions in October 1989, we have grown 30 years strong with hundreds of beautifully talented creatives earning international acclaim and ultimately becoming a cultural phenomenon. With millions of followers collectively, our members have set a standard of what excellence is in the House & Ballroom scene. You cannot speak on pop culture without saying the words “Miyake Mugler’.

The House of Juicy Couture

It all started in 2009 when mother Courtney saw a designer Juicy Couture bag and was completely relentless in figuring out how she could get her hands on it. She would call the store constantly, always asking for this one particular bag. Most houses started with the inspiration behind designers, meaning most house were created and named after big fashion brands.
The start of the house was very hysterical at first. At the time, nobody knew it would become one of the most prestigious houses of all time. Along with founding members Chi Chi and Dashawn, the House of Juicy Couture was about a family and creating a safe space for LGBTQ youth in the scene.
With Courtney being a notorious Face diva, the house naturally became known for raising the bar for that particular category. But over time, elevating everyone’s expectations within every category became what the House of Juicy Couture is known for. We conquer all categories in the ballroom scene from face (the beauty) to performance (vogue).

Everyone wants The Juicy Experience.


Latín Connection

Somos una empresa lider en entretenimiento, nuestra fortaleza es la realización de performances con conceptos temáticos para espectáculos en todas las escalas, siempre innovando  mostrando creatividad y originalidad.

Contamos con una agencia de talentos con un portafolio Nacional e Internacional, nuestra esencia va dirigida a la Formación de cada uno de los integrantes, desarrollando y potencializando sus habilidades, esto nos ha permitido destacarnos en eventos cooperativos, lanzamiento de productos, eventos sociales en sus diferentes categorías, cine, tv y videos musicales con artistas de gran renombre, permitiendo posicionarnos en el mercado competitivo.

Tym Moss

TYM MOSS is one of NYC’s most dynamic performers.  This Singer, Actor, Host & Producer can be seen in Movies, Theater, TV and on his Music Videos.

TYM MOSS is a legitimate Movie Star as he stars in the feature musical film, JUNK.

He is one of the stars of the reality-based TV show now streaming on Broadway On Demand.

TYM MOSS is also a critically acclaimed Cabaret Performer, TV & Radio Host, Producer & LGBT Activist.

Cheer New York

Cheer New York is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization comprised of all-volunteer LGBTQ+ and ally cheerleaders.  Their mission is to use their athletic and philanthropic abilities to empower and affect change in the community through charitable action.

Since Cheer New York was founded in 2001, they have been serving the Tri-State Area by inspiring and encouraging audiences wherever they perform and by raising money for locally-based LGBTQ+ charities through their New York Spirit Fund.

Julian Austin

From upstate to New York City, Julian Austin is a new and upcoming artist releasing his first official EP “Halfway There” this summer.
Hitting the Queens Pride stage for the first time with his original work, he is excited to share his story through his love of dance and music. Currently residing in Brooklyn, he has spent the last 2 years putting this body of work together and is excited to finally showcase it for everyone to experience. If it’s one thing he wants people to always remember is that success is not based on your destination, it’s using your experiences in life to create a magical journey. Once you learn that, you’re Halfway there.

Kenny Supreme

Kenny Supreme, is an independent pop artist, born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Supreme has always had a passion for performing and making music. Now perfecting his craft and touring the New York area in bars, clubs and festivals. Supreme is a talented artist uplifting the LGBTQ+ community with his pop-dance tracks, and performances. He believes in spreading creative positive energy. Creating his first Ep, “Heatbreak on Cauldwell” during the 2020 pandemic, this EP features pop, dance, and R&B tracks with a distinct melodic rhythm. In this album, he turns his sorrows into happiness when he creates an oxymoron of heartbreaking lyrics intertwined with upbeat dance music. Supreme is creating his own lane into the music world.

Gotham Cheer

GOTHAM CHEER is a nonprofit adult cheerleading team created to give back to the community, particularly homeless or disadvantaged LGBTQ youth. Their diverse and unique service-oriented LGBTQIA+ members aim to be leaders in New York City through volunteer work & community service events.

Their mission is to amplify the voices of those in our community working hard to bring awareness to LGBTQ and youth issues by raising money for local charities and through advocacy and volunteer work with their Community Partners.
Follow their great work online @GothamCheer.

Queensboro Dance Festival

Queensboro Dance Festival is touring all summer throughout Queens featuring all Queens-based dance companies! Here today is Chieh & Yoyo from Woodside, Gotham Dance Theater from Woodside, and Kofago Dance Ensemble from Jamaica. Check them out on Instagram @queensborodancefestival for their full tour schedule of free shows and classes!


YCS K-POP is a queer dance performance group based in New York City. We aim to reclaim K-POP for everyone and extend K-POP’s diversity and inclusion. We use K-POP performance as a way of liberation and diverse gender expressions. We have an open invitation for anyone who wants to perform, and our current members include Beat-Na (all pronouns), Jiwon (she/her), Joohee (she/her), and Mari (she/her). YCS K-POP has been performing and creating artistic K-POP cover performance videos since 2019. At the New Queens Pride 2022, YCS K-POP brings a dynamic dance performance with a remix of 6 K-POP songs from BTS, BLACKPINK, Taemin, TWICE, and more.


Hailing from Venice, Italy, Dominican-Italian singer and songwriter Rissbel is emerging as a truly unique force in Latin Urban music, tearing down barriers with her powerful voice and tri-lingual flare.

Cha Cha Sheready

“CHA CHA SHEREADY” is a passionate entertainer, host, and LGBT advocate in the New York community. She has performed for hundreds throughout the NYC community for hundreds throughout the NYC community at various club venues and events such as Ru-Pauls Drag Con, Xtasy Bar and Lounge, Mandalas, and Six26 just to name a few. She is a dynamic host with an emphasis on spreading a positive message of Self-LOVE and building Community. She is an accomplished Queen who received her Master’s in Public Health from Rutgers University. She is currently a Pharmacy Specialist in AIDS Health Care Foundation and an active member of the NYC HIV Planning Group, previously appointed as Secretary in 2020. As an openly HIV positive Performer, CHA CHA has mobilized the community around several pressing issues such as HIV Testing, PrEP, PEP, Linkage to Care, and Treatment. CHA CHA is proud to be here today to be a voice for the community, share her story, and to educate, advocate, and motivate for the community.


Miss Tiarra Jay

Raynner Garcia

ZSC Swag